Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur, In Association with Swiggy,

Design-a-thon! - The Product Design Competition.

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1. Only GES participants and IIT Kharagpur students are allowed to participate. 2. The team size should be at most 4 members.
3. Students from different colleges can be on the same team.
4. Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are allowed to participate.
5. All the decisions made by the Judges and Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur will be final and binding.
6. Under no circumstances will a modification of team members be permitted, once the preliminary solution is submitted.

1. All the shortlisted teams shall receive the selection mail. (10-12 teams).
2. There would be the Crash-Course Product Design Workshop by Swiggy Design Team, India for the selected teams at GES (2nd Feb 2019).
3. The Crash Course will be followed by the Design-a-thon.

Submission Guidelines:
1. In the first page of submission, teams must mention Team Name, Names of the members, their respective colleges, contact details.

2. Please note that you have to send the final design of screen mockups(Not the raw drawings). You can find a sample mockup for your reference here: Link

3. Mail your submissions to the following email address: yash.verma@ecell-iitkgp.org 4. Teams found using Plagiarism of any kind will be disqualified from the competition.

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