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Business Games

Win Prizes Worth 1Lakh

01. Pitching Challenge
In this competition the team would be given the problem statement related to the startup and the teams have to prepare a pitch to put forward in front of the investors. They would have to prepare a detailed report of their idea. They would have to give a presentation to the judges after that
02. Marketing Challenge
In the marketing competition a problem statement would be provided to the team, they would be required to develop a complete marketing plan covering all aspects, from social media, to SEO. They would be required to develop an entire campaign for the same.
03.Strategy Challenge
Strategy would be a competition where we give them a problem statement related to a startup and they have to devise the strategy of the company. They would have to plan out everything and make a report based upon that. They would then pitch the idea in front of the judge
04.Negotiation Challenge
This would be a team vs team event. The sides would be given a company, a product or lawsuit to negotiate on. The team would then present their ideas and arguments to win the negotiation and come out with the better deal

Qualifying Quiz

PS of Pitching Challenge Release

PS of Strategy Challenge Release and Presentation

Pitching Challenge Presentation

PS of Marketing Challenge Release

PS of Negotiation Challenge Release

Presentation of Marketing and Negotiation Challenges